Ants on a Log – Recipes for Budget Travel

auntsEating when traveling is something you have to plan for.  If you wait until everyone is hungry you will end up with cranky people.

If you want to eat well and save money making food to travel with is a smart way to do it.  We don’t believe in borrowing money for a meal or for a vacation, so planning ahead is a way to do it.

Ants on a Log is an easy and healthy snack that my kids loved and would eat all of the time.  It is also healthy and very filling.  Now that they are grown and it is just the two of us we’ve found wa


ys to make this simple snack a little more elegant but sticking with the same concept of peanut butter and celery.

Here are a couple of variations of ants on a log.

Ants on a Log Easy – 

This version is easy to make and if you wrap it up in a small container you can carry it with you.  While it doesn’t need to be refrigerated it should not get hot because it will get messy.  We bring celery stalks, a small tub of peanut butter and a box of raisins on all trips.  Let the kids add the peanut butter into the celery, top with raisins and enjoy!  (You can bring all of these items on a plane, just ask someone on the plane for a knife to spread the peanut butter)

Ants on a Log Fancy – 

We were flying to Cozumel and I pulled out snacks for the boys.  The steward on the plane suggested we add cream cheese to our peanut butter!  So simple, but so yummy!  When we know we have a fridge in a hotel room or if we have a cooler we will bring a small tub of strawberry flavored cream cheese to mix with our peanut butter.  We’ve even gotten super fancy and started putting shredded coconut on top of our log!

Eating on a trip can be very expensive, so planning ahead is one way to really limit the excess spending and keep all family members happy!


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