One Secret to Budget Travel

We love to travel, but it was always so expensive we were limited in where and IMG_5418what we could do.  Some of our friends would go deep into debt going on fantastic trips.  Instead, we looked for ways to travel to great places for low prices.

After much research,  we found we could book a 7-day cruise for just $350 each, we realized that we needed to find more of those deals.  Tthe he secret to inexpensive travel is in the planning.

It took us years to find all of the tips to travel cheaply, but the one thing we know best is that sometimes a little legwork and planning will save you big dollars in the end.

Our first travel on a budget trip is always cruising.  First, the food and most drinks come with the cruise.  If you are willing to stay in an interior room and don’t mind skipping on the pricey drinks, then you can travel cheaply.  Just plan on not booking the cruise ’till the last minute.  Cruise lines would rather sell a room at a loss then have an empty room.

If you want to take a cruise that leaves on a Sunday, book it on Thursday.


If you look at this screenshot from Carnival, you can see that if you wanted to cruise cheaply, you could book a four day Carribean cruise for $244!  That pays for a great cruise, all the shows, and food.

If you are a big drinker then a drink package might be in order, but I find we do well with just a cocktail at night and water or tea the rest of the trip.

If you want to take the fancy excursions trips offer, you can always find that they are offered by the vendor at the port for a lot less then the cruise offers them to you!  (That is a topic for another blog!)

Cruising is not our favorite form of travel, but it is great to see amazing places and never have to unpack!  There is also so much to do on a cruise that you can’t get bored, my favorite cruise experience is just reading by the pool!


Happy Traveling!



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