5 Free Things You Should Do on Vacation



When on a trip, we always try to fit in several free activities.  This allows us to stick to our budget and still have fun.  This is especially important if you find your entertainment-budget funds are quickly drying up. Free and fun things can be found everywhere.  It just takes time to look for them.

  1. Visit the local park – Even if you don’t have children, the local park is a great place to go and burn off energy.  If you want to sit quietly on a bench, let your kids play on the swings, have a picnic or just burn calories, not all of your entertainment has to be purchased.
  2. Play Dominoes – I know not everyone can play dominoes, but we used to bring them on trips and let the kids build with them and knock them down.  This was fun in the hotel room when they would not sleep, or at local parks when we needed to sit!  Dominoes falling
  3. Go to the Library –   A library is not the quiet stuffy place you might think of.  Most have makerspaces (an area for crafts, technology, and building) you can look at magazines, check your email or just read a good book.  A public library will also have literature on the community
  4. Go to large open marketplaces, shops or malls – I lump these together because they are all places where you can get out.  You might see new stores, or let your kids explore any open play areas.  We have a boardwalk nearby that has fountains that kids can play in for free.  It is just good fun for them, and it is fun to watch.
  5. Family-Shared Picture Taking– This seems really self-explanatory, but in my experience, I was the picture taker.  Now when we look back at vacations I’m never in the pictures and all you see is what I think is important.  When we started sharing the picture taking things became so much more enjoyable.  Go places and have everyone take turns taking pictures.  Later organize those images by place and see your vacation from your families’ point of view! Best of all – everyone is included in the picturfree-stuffes!

In the end, you’ll find some of the free activities might be some of your favorites.


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