Simple Savings – Bottled Water

hdfI like to remind people that there are super simple ways to save money on a trip.  My first and easiest tip is bottled water.

Stop buying water bottled in plastic bottles and carry your own water supply with you!  There is a great blog on Travel and Leisure suggesting bottles.  You can read that article here.

If you think about the cost of plastic bottled water it can really add up.  If you drink 3 of those bottles a day for 7 days,  you have spent around $21 on water per person.  (Assuming the water is around 1 dollar a bottle) If you instead purchase one $20 water bottle per family member, the bottle pays for itself.  Just keep it filled with cool water from your local water fountains!

I personally have one bottle for each family members.  Everyone’s bottle is a different color and has their name on it.  We use the hydro flask.  I have three boys who were super rough on things, the Hydro Flask lasted.  If you are traveling in an airport, just make sure you don’t have liquid in it when you go through your TSA checkpoint, but you can fill it up after you get past the agents.



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